Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some massive changes for Faerycat Designs

After giving this though for a rather long time, I've finally decided to split the brand in two.  Ironically, we started as a shop with house type things; rugs, lamps, furniture, but that is what is going off onto a new brand, along with full perm items, merchant tools, and other gadgets.  Meanwhile, all the things for an avatar to wear will remain with Faerycat Designs.

The new brand?  That's going to be FCD Building Blocks, and will cover my full perm mesh, textures, scripts, and anything that is a block towards building, whether it is making new items, or designing a home.  I'll also be putting in odds and ends that just don't have a proper place, like the Die Roller Hud.

The changes won't happen overnight.  I've rebuilt the store, but I'm going to wait until I've redone all my old ad pics, and have everything ready to go at once.  And there will be two marketplace shops; with alts that are for nothing else but handling those shops.

Anyway, I'll have some new images and news once I get a bit further along, but wanted to give everyone and update.  Until next time...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is that time of year again, World Goth Fair opens up this evening at Midnight SLT, which is a perfectly appropriate time, I think.

Above is me wearing some of the goodies from myself and others, and its only the tip of the iceberg.  I'll add proper credits soon, but I'm not used to doing that, since well, I'm not a fashion blogger.

 So, above are the gacha prize for the event, 100% going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  Base colours are 5 seablues, 5 greens, 5 golds, 5 reds, 5 purples, and 3 monochromatic.  Each comes lined and unlined.
 I've just recently started doing skins, and while I use a template for both male and female, I'm slowly adapting them for my own ends, as well as adapting them to work with each other more seamlessly.  For WGF, I've got Ice Age, a pale goth skin with a patch of ice crystals over one eye.

 Finally, the Love Like Blood Necklace with matching Earrings.  The necklace is pretty chunky, so it might suit a few guys out there, as well as us women who enjoy bold jewelry, like myself.  Okay, I enjoy jewelry, I like all things that glitter, sparkle, gleam, etc.  It comes in sets based on the metal, though the Earrings only have one metal; silver, so as to not cause allergies (As if!)

The metals are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hematite, which isn't a metal, but well, I'm a magical being, in a magical world, so it works.  And each package includes a light ruby, ruby and dark ruby version.

Anyway, come on down, enjoy the awesome work done by the organizers on making the sims absolutely gorgeous.  We're located on Port Seraphine, with our Gacha over at Cursed, in the Gothika Abbey.  And seriously, the sims are worth exploring just for themselves and all the wonderful merchants there.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Some more teasers for World Goth Fair

Yes, that has been what I've been focusing on, trying to get some goodies ready.  I've some other things that I think I'll release early, while saving a special colourway for WGF, since well, I've not released much new.

Also, the SLink appliers -are- coming, I just am fiddling with the natural nails textures since skin toned nails look really odd on dark red or green or blue skin, and a bit odd on the lighter coloured skins too.  Expect them out next week though, I should have them ready to go by then.

So, teaser. The jewelry and skin are both for WGF, as I'd mentioned previously.  The skin will have a browless option as well as a brownish brow, reddish brow and black brow, and both a cleavage and normal option as well.  And there will be applicators special for the Tangos, as well as the SLink hands and feet.  And lots of lipsticks as well, but I haven't bitten the bullet and started uploading all those textures yet.

The necklace comes in three ruby shades (Lt, med and dk), as well as four metals (Silver, bronze, gold and hematite) - the crystal bead is a faceted hematite.

Until next time, have a lovely week.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

World Goth Fair 2013

I know, I know, the cosmetics aren't out for the fantasy skin line - but I'll be trying to get those out very soon.  That said, this post is about World Goth Fair, which is in its second year and I'm super excited.  I've a few work in progress picks as teasers for things I'll be doing for the Fair this year, and I've some other ideas as well, which are waiting for me to get these finished up.

The image at the top is a necklace that so far has four metal colours.  I'm still fiddling a bit with the little accent beads, and the texture for the heart, since I think that one came out a bit too clear, though it looks neat.  The inspiration comes from a Killing Joke song, but for now I'll let you guess.

The image at the bottom is for the skin, which is inspired by my favorite Joy Division song ever, and again I'll let you guess.
I've got more ideas, as I've said.  Just not sure what all there will be when I'm done.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting into another skin...

 Time for another work in progress post.  First, I will not make claims to have done these from scratch.  I got a rather good template, and its intended for a project I have down the road, but figured I'd sell the skins while I work on the rest of it.  So, first going to release a fantasy line of skins with some cosmetics, then work on the rest as I get time.
 Mind that these are WIP shots.  I don't have any hair that looks good on my Open Sim install that I use for my initial testing.  Also, to not have to NSFW the blog, I'm wearing clothing.
 Oh, and the shape is the default starting female shape, to get a full idea on the skins themselves.
 Just need to figure out where I want to put the DEMO on the skins so people can try them before hand.  I'm open to suggestions.
 And that wraps up my post for today.  I will try and be more regular about blogging and giving folks an idea on what we're working on at Faerycat Designs.

Friday, December 14, 2012

It is that time of year, when we pull out our Christmas joy and make it dark. Yes, that sounded better in my head. As you probably know by now, we don't do many events, certainly not at the same time. It takes time and brainpower to come up with new things for every one, and even when its modifying something I already had on hand, like the top hats.
The same base hat, the same base headband, with new trims, new textures for the bands that add that gothmas touch. Oh, did I forget to mention the event? I did, how silly of me. Gothmas by Gaslight has turned into a gacha/shopping event and Faerycat Designs has a booth this year. The top hat offering has 32 total variations on two machines. The natural holly leaves are the rares, and have four different candy cane colouration patterns, as well as three metallic leaf options; copper, silver and gold. One machine has green banded hats with red stripes, and the other the red bands with green stripes. In addition, I've added a simple ribbon choker with a jeweled key and again, the holly leaves. The natural leaves are the rares; the ribbons are dark green, dark red and black; and the keys and leaves come in copper, silver and gold.
And finally, its an event. There are lots of awesome merchants there, with all sorts of things. It starts on the fifteenth of December and runs through to the middle of January, and its well worth checking out.
Quick and dirty credits Makeup: Beautiful Freak and Pin Me Down
Ears: Paws
Breasts: Lolas
Tail: Sinful Needs
Hair: Alice Project
Pince Nez: InSpired Designs
Pose: Purple Poses
The Rest: Faerycat Designs

And hopefully I didn't miss anything important in the credits.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A huge big thank you to Ely Hynes for the wonderful and whimsical picture. What is it for? Well, there is a a really nice person who has some serious health problems, and so folks have gotten together to do a fundraiser for her. You can find out more about that here, and its explained much better than I could explain it. So, I'll have a gacha machine there, with the proceeds going to Eku, and I'll be DJing at 6 am SLT on the 16th, which is friday. I'll have those cute unrigged mesh top hats, which will fit even a petite.